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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Copyfight/Donna Wentworth/Berkman News

Copyfight has a new co-sponsor, the Berkman Center, where Web Publications Editor Donna Wentworth (separated at birth from Laura Dern?) also writes and edits The Filter and is a GrepLaw author and Chilling Effects contributor. (Ahem.) In the current issue of The Filter, Donna and Berkman report among other things that Donna will be blogging live from the Berkman Center's Internet Law Program on July 1-5, and that the program will include "a debate between Lawrence Lessig and Jason Matusow of Microsoft Corporation on the merits of open source, shared source, and proprietary software." The program sounds terrific, but since I can't go I'll be checking in with Donna for the highlights.

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