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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Viral and Wiral

I've gotten two of these emails in the last 24 hours:
A Nice Game This is a nice game. This is my first work. Your're the first player. I hope you enjoy it.
Think it's Klez or something. Interesting bit of social engineering. I'm in Chapter 11 of Jaclyn Easton's Going Wireless, which I told Ernie is like a bridge between today and a William Gibson-esque world where commerce and communication is made technologically instant and effortless (and yes, the W.G. reference is intended to invoke the darker side). The audio book is entertaining, as it's read by the author and her passion comes through. Right now, she's talking about Wireless and a Higher Power:
"You are about to meet a nun whose convent is probably more technologically advanced than your company. What she understood - years before wireless was widely implemented - was the importance of connecting an enterprise, whether it's a multi-national conglomerate, a neighborhood business, or, in this case, a convent. Empowerment, and the inevitable success that follows, flows from workers saturated with information to them, any time they want it, anywhere they need it. While the promise of wireless in the corporation centers on cost-savings and productivity, the real value is in connecting people. We all know that when people are connected, they truly become a team, and as a team, they can dream bigger and execute more meaningfully than any individual . . . 'This is definitely cutting edge technology, and we've had it for two years. Others are just beginning to use it,' notes Sister Deborah Marie Bucher [phonetic], Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose. The technology she is referring to is a wireless local area network, the installation of which she supervised at her convent in Fremont, CA in 1999 - years ahead of the curve. Today, you'll find the nuns there roaming the convent campus with laptops in tow, checking their email via internet connectivity from their wireless hub installed in the church's belltower."
I'm with Jaclyn, and cannot wait until we can effortlessly all pull just the information we need, when we need it, from thin air. As she points out elsewhere though, we need to be paying close attention to security, privacy and individual rights considerations as all this unfolds - or the game we'll be playing may not be so nice.

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