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Monday, May 27, 2002

Rupaul and Me

And so ends my brief but happy sojourn as a Blog of Note on Blogger - probably the first and last time I'll share a distinction with Rupaul. Yesterday, Rupaul reprinted a letter from Courtney Love to Prince (sorry, my keyboard doesn't know how to render his actual name), seeking artist support for "the idea that recording artists need an organization that represents our interests in Washington and with the record companies." Courtney's letter makes some excellent points about the under-representation of artists, and the conflicts of interest that may dog their attorneys and managers. She writes, "Artists have all the power. They create the music that makes the money that funds the business. No one has ever harnessed that power for artists' collective good," and compares their situation today with that of actors in the early 20th century in the heyday of the studio system. Rupaul doesn't seem to have permalinks, so get over there quick before this one slides into the land of the misfit archives. I also note Ru and I started blogging about the same time. But he's got much better legs.

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