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Thursday, May 09, 2002

Professor Lessig [via BusinessWeek]:
"Q: Do we need a new definition or vision of copyright and intellectual property in order for e-business to move forward? A: We don't need a new vision. We just need to recognize what the traditional vision has been. The traditional vision protects copyright owners from unfair competition. It has never been a way to give copyright holders perfect control over how consumers use content. We need to make sure that pirates don't set up CD pressing plants or competing entities to sell identical products. We need to stop worrying about whether you or I use a song on your PC and then transfer it to your MP3 player."
Larry must prompt students to offer to polish the dean's hubcaps to finagle classroom seats. In my day, it was another Larry - Sonsini (probably still is, he had a genius for making an arid topic - securities regulations - gripping).

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