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Monday, May 13, 2002

Now, Where's The Justice?

Howard Bashman's comprehensive article today in The Legal Intellegencer discusses how technology is making it easier for lawyers and courts to manage appeals. (He's right on target, a sufficiently loaded laptop lets an appellate lawyer or judge do his or her thing anywhere - have transcripts, law library and briefs, will travel. And lawyers and courts keep working to streamline old processes with new tech - see generally Rory and Rick.) Jaclyn Easton likewise describes, among other things, how wireless connectivity is poised to solve an age-old dilemma for the profession - making sure each and every billable moment of our time is duly captured. In other words, it's hard to get around the fact the tech world just keeps on giving and giving to the legal one . . . psst, McFly? We're the ones with all the litigation. (If it's any consolation - and I don't know why it should be - we appellate types don't actually help sue anyone, just do our best to sort things out later.)

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