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Saturday, May 04, 2002

How I Do Love A Good Workaround Rick Klau has been busy, figuring out how to make RSS feeds using Radio's Distiller for those who are RSS deprived, including yours truly. He has the feed for this blog available at It will only update when his copy of Radio is running, which is alot. So, this is a step in the right direction until Blogger moves RSS out of the "coming soon" category. Thanks, Rick! Airport Security Ate My Tape Don't send your d.v. camera and tapes through airport security if you can help it. The three tapes I brought to Mexico recently are toast. They'll play in my camera but won't import to the computer. Michael and Mason with Apple were so helpful about all this, and once we figured out what was up even suggested the workaround I hope will save the footage - exporting to VCR tape then back to a good tape in the camera, then to the computer. It's unreal to talk to tech support people who (1) know what they're doing and (2) give a damn. I keep pinching myself.

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