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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Can We Sue Our Own Fat Asses Off? Yes, And Our Feet

Ernie points to yesterday's Salon story about plans underway to "sue companies like McDonald's for misleading advertising, for failure to warn about the health dangers of their products and, if public opinion swings [that] way, for, well, making us fat." Reminds me of the time I spent close to an hour trying to explain to a well-intentioned soul (in a non-professional capacity) the trouble with launching a similar attack against the makers of high-heeled shoes, which admittedly can be hell on your feet and back. People are becoming conditioned - you mean, this thing common knowledge says is no good for me really isn't? Well, how on earth is it for sale? I'll sue! I for one would rather live in a world where I can savor the dubious thrill of teetering into a McDonald's on my Manolo Blahniks and ordering a Big Mac, than one where I can't.

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