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Friday, May 31, 2002

Blogging The Marketplace

In keeping with the theme of blogs in business, Dave Winer had the same reaction to this piece as I did:
"[I]t's not about advertising. It's the inverse of advertising. The economic revolution of blogging is about manufacturers giving up on advertising and going direct, talking to their users, and their competitors' users. And that won't be enough either. They'll also have to listen to the users. (BTW, that doesn't mean they have to do what the users tell them to do, nor is that always a good idea, it's not so simple and linear.)"
And, here's Genie Tyburski's (of the Virtual Chase) take on "the value of decentralized news or 'information flows:'"
"[C]onsider this. Wednesday afternoon at about 1:30 pm, I uploaded the expert witness article I announced in yesterday's alert. I also linked to it in our RSS feed. By 1:45 pm, Ernie the Attorney announced its availability. By 3:30 pm, Daypop had indexed it via Ernie the Attorney. By late afternoon, more than 100 visitors had read it -- all before I announced its availability!"
[From today's Virtual Chase Alert] We're going to need shades when all those blogging lightbulbs go off over business heads at the same time 8-].

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