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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Attack Of The...Car Bloggers; Shades Of Don Kirshner

In honor of today's cinematic festivities, more proof that micromarkets are alive and astoundingly well: The R2-D2 Builder's Club (who needs ILM?), and Star Wars Chicks, where you can pick up a recipe for Kenobi Cutlets if you seem to have misplaced yours. [Via The Screen Savers] Also, it seems that people are spending more than 500 million hours on average per week in their vehicles (my own commute artificially inflates the number), so look for cars to offer hands-free blogging any day now, and check out Dr. Will Fitzgerald's Digital Car Journal. (On hiatus? Say it ain't so.) -[Later: "The wireless manufacturers will be the deliverers, and the automakers will be the enablers, based on the irrefutable view that the cell phone is king." Andrew Cole at Telematics Detroit 2002, via c | net] Finally, a bout of uncharacteristic insomnia had me watching Carson Daly's late-night show on NBC (Last Call). Good music goes well with the wee hours, and Ben Harper makes that slide guitar wail.

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