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Saturday, April 06, 2002

Taking A Page The recent John C. piece is understandably unpopular. As I commented to Jeneane on Blog Sisters, he takes cheap shots for a cheap laugh and ignores the larger picture. (If the response is he intends to elicit cheap laughs and ignore the larger picture so be it - I'll take my laughs wherever they crop up.) On the loosely joining attributes of blogging, John C. has this to say in his Eight Rules for the Perfect Blog: under "Community," "Prove that you're a dedicated blogger by citing at least five other blogs that you just read. Praise them ad nauseum. Then comment on links that their authors discovered and cut and paste these links to your blog." And, under "Humility," "Make sure to rave about how great blogging is and why everyone should blog and how blogging will change the world." What John C. ignores that others would be wise to recognize is this: non-webheads are finding blogging a compelling reason to be online in staggering numbers. So staggering that my attempt to keep a comprehensive "blawg"-alogue probably is doomed from the get-go. But don't think I'm going down without a fight. Yes, it feeds my innate meta-mania, but it also shatters stereotypes about my much-maligned profession and makes it - and us - more accessible. Would you expect a Wall Street lawyer to be a gifted web designer? Faith is. A lawyer as the force behind a great time-saving software app? That's Buzz (ActiveWords; never would have known its background if Ernie hadn't connected the dots for me). And New York corporate lawyer Heather now reads Justice Bedsworth's column, which is published only in California - and online. File these under citing, praising and raving, I guess. But everyone should blog. And blogging has changed the world.

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