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Saturday, April 06, 2002

Say, When? There are two interesting blog bits in the May issue of Wired (blogging must really be hitting its stride if I can get a Saturday manicure and read about it). Andrew Sullivan writes about "The Blogging Revolution," and envisions a day when all writers will build an online presence with their daily musings, then sell books through print-on-demand technology direct from their Web sites. And Dave Winer has $1,000 that says blogs will outrank the New York Times site by 2007 based on a Google search for five top news story key words. He bet Martin Nisenholtz, Times Digital CEO (proceeds to charity). The curious thing is why Wired opts for the delay between the print edition and when the articles are posted to its Web site. Do they really think they're eating into their own sales if they post the articles when the magazine comes out? If so, I guess I'm playing into the whole strategy by making you think about buying the rag if you haven't picked it up. Here's a preview: the five "Power Bloggers" spotlighted in Sullivan's story based on their blogdex rankings - • Jessamyn WestAdam CurryJosh MarshallJeffrey ZeldmanClaire Robertson

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