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Monday, April 15, 2002

Notes From A Busy Weekend In the course of journeying to and from the southeastern U.S. in too little time, I caught Saturday's BookTV broadcast on C-SPAN 2, featuring Michael Moore (Stupid White Men), Benjamin Cheever (Selling Ben Cheever) and Barbara Ehrenreich (Nickel And Dimed). I had hoped to link to the online version, but unfortunately this one's not on the list. It was excellent - all of the writers were articulate and funny, and offered unique perspectives on economic realities. Time's side-by-side articles, Making Time For Baby and The Cost Of Starting Families had my head whipsawing like a Wimbeldon spectator's. Conclusion: it's never easy. My admiration for those managing families, at any age, knows no bounds. Finally, on a lighter note (ha), it seems California is one of the twenty-seven U.S. states without a single Waffle House. For those so unfortunately situated, the Web offers the look and sound, but not the "scattered, smothered, chunked, topped, diced & peppered" hashbrowns.

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