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Monday, March 25, 2002

Orwellian Doc captures in a nutshell why the Hollings bill won't cut it, in his Linux Journal article Biting The Hand That Beats You: "Napster and its successors are the listeners' workaround of the failed radio industry...Other workarounds are bound to follow, over and over, until the entertainment industry starts serving fully empowered customers or gets replaced by something that will. Protective legislation will only make the process happen faster." I cannot chase from my head the vision of future citizens sequestering away, hoarding and constructing their own Rube Goldberg versions of technology circa 1998-2002, which will be vastly preferable to the castrated offerings on the consumer market. Two steps forward, ten steps back. Later: And Dan Gillmor makes the same point: "Policy is not going to stop technology from evolving. It can only make criminals of more and more people who are going to use it no matter what her [Hilary Rosen's] clients say."

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