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Thursday, March 28, 2002

'Morning, Coffee Juicy morsels from Sabrina Pacifici of llrx: ~The Google Blog: Two great tastes that taste great together. Lists top stories from news organizations, by category, and lets you search them. In Beta. ~Business Week takes on Hollings, in commentary by Alex Salkever: "The proposed cure is far worse than the disease...Yes, the law does have a provision for Fair Use, the legal precedent that awards consumers some rights to replicate copyrighted materials, either for academic reasons or for personal use. But Fair Use protections in the bill remain vague. At the very least, they would have to be toughened." ~Tim Berners-Lee on "The Semantic Web:" "Suppose you're on the Web and find a conference you want to go to...You would prefer, when you see the notice of an interesting conference, to just say: "O.K., I want to go," and everything will get taken care of, automatically. All the entries will pop into your agenda, your address book, your GPS. Then you'll get pinged by your agenda when it's time to leave, because it knows from your GPS how long it will take to drive there. And, in addition, it will block out the driving time on your schedule and alert you if you try to make a conflicting appointment." ~California Supreme Court will review Intel spam trespass case: The Court will examine whether former Intel engineer Kourosh Kenneth Hamidi committed trespass by sending tens of thousands of emails to Intel workers.

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