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Monday, March 04, 2002

Justice Bedsworth's monthly column has been updated. He's also over there in the Menage, although his column - sadly - is not a blog. I mean to speak with him about this, honest, but am working on how to broach it. In these times of heightened security, an opening conversational salvo with a Justice of the Court of Appeal that goes "Hi Bill, we really need to discuss blogging" is likely to earn you a shopping spree at the orange jumpsuit emporium. In any event, this month Beds dissects the Kerkorian child support case. I particularly enjoyed his unique blow-by-blow of how the couple reached their litigatory impasse, which includes observations like, "She had to agree to divorce him within a month of the marriage. Sounds like a bad Ally McBeal episode, doesn't it? Ally McBeal, hell, it sounds like something the Brothers Grimm would have come up with if mescaline had been available in 18th century Germany." Oh, it's good. As usual. If checking in on Beds regularly doesn't start to convince you that the courts might be in good hands after all, nothing will. Meanwhile, back at the law firm, Kiefer Sutherland is in the house - or on the plaza, actually - filming his show 24, which despite good notices I am unable to warm up to. The plot seems as though it might have made an ok X-Files episode - but just one, not a whole season. The show must go on though, that's the thing about LA. If you can't land yourself at least one TV or movie spot a week, you're simply not trying. There is a little-known city ordinance that requires the number of active production crews to equal the number of Starbucks franchises on any given day. You can look it up.

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