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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Blawg Additions Several folks have joined the blawg roll. Ernie Svenson ("Ernie the Attorney") showed up in Dave Winer's blog yesterday, and is a Louisiana attorney who writes on a broad range of topics. William Altreuter has a firm in Buffalo, New York, and writes about life as a litigator ("A charming morning in court today..."). The following folks are FOD (Friends Of Dodd), and maintain interesting blogs of their own: Jeffrey Cross (Kentucky lawyer and avid cyclist), Michael Adams (Harvard law grad pursuing a clerkship with a federal judge), Michael's wife Sarah Meuller (starting law school at Brandeis in the fall), and Rebecca Terhune (law student). Give 'em a read. -Later: Ernie's not in So Cal, as previously blogged, but down south hangin' round the other Loyola.

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