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Sunday, February 10, 2002

Word/Works Compatibility: So, my dad the writer/fisherman has been known to disappear into the mountains for weeks on end, and last year bought a stripped-down e-Machine for his home away from home. He was a bit surprised to learn that the Works documents generated there won't open in Word when he gets back to the ranch. ("Whaddya mean they're not compatible? It's all Microsoft, right?" "Yeah Dad, lemme tell ya a thing or two about Microsoft...") Microsoft, of course, has no patch for the "older" versions of Word, but the folks at the Buffalo State University of New York were kind enough to step into the breach: their Works to Word converter does the trick nicely (supplements Word '97 and 2000 to cause Works docs to be automatically converted when launched). I love that people make such useful tools available for free (don't get me started on YACCS - how neat is that? And we mustn't forget Blogger...), and that Google lets you find them in two clicks -

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