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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court: The Coloring Book Version

I'm going to have to order this, just to check out the illustrations. Since the subjects of the coloring books around our house ordinarily are pictured underwater, in treetops, or flying through the air somehow, it will be interesting to see how they've chosen to situate the Justices:

Supreme Court Coloring Book
U.S. Supreme Court Coloring Book, from the ABA

Ross E. Davies, Editor-in-Chief of The Green Bag, is quoted on the ABA site as saying, "This book represents a fun but respectful step in the right direction" (i.e., toward greater education about the Court). Fun but respectful? Perhaps Ross has never seen a toddler color — not to mention most 9-year olds...

Can't get enough law-related coloring? Well, who could blame you?

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