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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Reverse AOL Continues

Jeff Pulver: "This morning I made the decision to focus all of my professional business social networking contacts to be on Facebook. That means that I am no longer going to accept new LinkedIn requests. After spending the past few months using Facebook, I no longer see the value of LinkedIn."

Jeff's spent a few months, I've spent about 2 weeks. Same decision. I might still continue to accept LinkedIn requests, but as has always been the case with my use of that site, I spend no time in it, on it, or paying attention to what my network is doing there.

Related aside: for reasons Robert Scoble discusses, and as detailed in our Between Lawyers group on Facebook, Facebook finally has me using an aggregator after six years of finding them basically useless. It's Google Reader. So now I have my first grumble: as part of the Google OS/empire, why doesn't Reader have "Blog This" functionality with Blogger?

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