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Friday, June 01, 2007

Among The Things Still On My Technorati Watchlist

Billy Merck: "Our tipster suggests that perhaps the summers in the New York office ought to take the associates out for lunch."

Anonymous commenter, same post: "Iz in ur summr program...eatin all yer food, wastin yer space."

Another anonymous commenter claims to have the lowdown from inside sources.

And finally, from Father of a third year at RS: "It's just so unseemly to see people mostly under 30 in the top 1% income bracket whining publicly about having to make do on $150K or more a year."

Why do law firms let this kind of conversation and speculation go on without their participation and clarification? (Strikes me as an exercise in degradation...)

These days even the generally wearable J. Crew and Banana Republic "suiting" options leave me cold. The mere thought of any form of gabardine gives me rickets.

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