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Monday, February 26, 2007

More Blawgs, Blawginess

Author and copyright lawyer Ray Dowd writes the Copyright Litigation blog.

Mister Thorne writes Set In Style, on law firm publishing.

Julie Elgar writes That's What She Said, a blog that adds some humorous reality to The Office by using it as a jumping off point for employment law discussion.

Tim Kevan and Aidan Ellis write The Barrister Blog on "lawyers, surfing, politics..." I like the blogroll, which has plenty of links to all three topics.

Also blawging (and imbibing) away in the UK: "Junior" of Corporate Blawg UK.

Legal Times now has a blog, The BLT (and yes, they've offered to hold the mayo).

Neil Squillante made a funny ad. (But Neil: Google doesn't make you be a member to get at the results. And doesn't pull results from just one walled-garden pool of sources.)

Though Ken Lammers' CrimLaw was set to flatline back in December, its doctors seem to have given it a reprieve!

Finally, per usual on Mondays, the new Blawg Review is up, this time courtesy of Bob Coffield. All the more impressive given Ed. has been slacking off around here, enjoying the sunshine, flora, and fauna.

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