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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flunking Play Group

Parenting is perpetually eye-opening. I'm learning that when when you have a child who is

  • independent
  • impetuous
  • effervescent
  • physically affectionate
  • attention loving
  • alert
  • energetic
  • curious and
  • unrestrained,

it turns out from an educational standpoint the flipsides of those shiny, pretty coins are

  • intractable
  • wild
  • frenetic
  • violent
  • selfish
  • agitated
  • overwrought
  • disorderly and
  • out of control.

Maybe much growing up just naturally takes place between the younger years and the commencement of sit-down-and-learn-something, dammit, actual school. Maybe we need a change of environment and approach. But my heart is beginning to go out to all those parents who must pursue dozens of such changes in the perhaps ultimately vain hope of finding someplace, and an infrastructure of someones, who behold the same small person the parents do, and banish the spectre of "something wrong" from the equation and classroom.

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