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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today's New Blawg

I can't quite remember if Court TV's Jami Floyd (more, from Wikipedia) was a classmate of mine or my husband's at Boalt (I believe the latter, so that would make her class of '89), but congratulations go out on the launch of her new blog, Best Defense. It's the companion to her daily show of the same name on the Court TV network. Says Jami:

Best Defense seeks to place the presumption of innocence front and center, in a humble but much-needed effort to recalibrate the coverage of crime, justice and the courts in America. I perceive a critical need to restore balance, considered judgment and sensitivity to crime and trial coverage in the news media, in general and the broadcast media, in particular.

A noble goal to say the least, and another blogging Boaltie, w00t! (Note to Court TV: give Jami's show its own link/page, why dontcha?)

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