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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hot, Exhibitionist Worms

That headline should result in some intriguing Google traffic. It's by way of linking to:

Stephanie West Allen, Hot Worms and Workaholics: Let the Workers Be!. Stephanie makes some excellent points, but I think the overarching takeaway is the modern workplace's need to comfortably accommodate a variety of environments, recognizing that one worm's smorgasbord is another's sayonara.

The Washington Post, A Web of Exhibitionists: a study in missing the mark about sixteen different ways (and, as Ann Althouse points out, doing so less than succinctly). The article steamrolls right over the crucial distinction between craving attention and participating in an attention economy. While an attention circus may be a sexier topic, the bigger, longer-term, less flashy, more significant story is what the world's billions are doing with their Web tools when they're not lip-syncing and huckstering.

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