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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

AlwaysOn: How Far Will Consumer-Generated Media Go?

Here again is the address for the live webcast and chat. Go get in the chat room, it's onscreen in real time for the audience and speakers here. I'm just catching the last few minutes of this panel, but it's a good one: Kara Swisher moderating Michael Arrieta (SVP Sony Pictures Digital Sales and Marketing), Dave Goldberg (head of Yahoo! music), Chad Hurley (CEO YouTube), and Michael Robertson (once of; now CEO MP3Tunes).

Shock and awe: YouTube is presently serving up 100,000,000 videos per day.

Intention economy: Kara Swisher mentioned in passing that at Google they can tell weeks in advance which Hollywood films will be hits once released, and which won't.

Sony's Arrieta discusses mashups, leveraging and harnessing the marketing power of fan/user creativity, and getting ahead of the copyright issues. Says Sony will go through the hurdles to ensure that user remixing isn't infringing. It'd be nice to see the licensing and parameters of that. [Update:] In a brief conversation after the panel, Michael told me Sony has been experimenting with this since 2001 and suggested I call him to talk more with Sony legal about it. I'll see if I can get someone to elaborate.

Michael Robertson mentioned Eyespot: Ajax-based online video editing and sharing. Looks cool.

JD Lasica asks Chad Hurley about the role of other video sites than YouTube. Chad says people upload to YouTube for the viewership and network effect, but there are plenty of roles for other sites filling other niches.

[Update:] Here's Dan Farber's excellent coverage.

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