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Thursday, April 20, 2006

BlogLaw Central

Two words on the Blog Law and Blogging for Lawyers conference: Joe Gratz. (And his photos.) Great work. Left my MacBook at home (never, by the way, have I seen so many lawyers and so many Macs happily occupying the same space) and my notes with the hotel valet (quite a tipper, hmm?), will hopefully collect and blog the latter tomorrow. The talks so far have been eminently worthwhile, as you can see for yourself; Joe's capturing all the salient points.

David Maizenberg has more, not to mention a most welcome new blog: "Decisis – Law and Lawyering in the Attention Economy." (Though David has nothing if not questionable taste in his TV/video programming wishlist.)

Tomorrow should be particularly exciting, featuring among other things EFF's Kurt Opsahl, fresh off today's oral argument in Apple v. Does.

Kudos Cathy and Dennis, it's not easy to get a bunch of lawyers talking knowledgeably, sensibly, and informatively about blogging, and you've pulled it off with skill.

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