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Monday, March 06, 2006

New Communications Quickies

I didn't blog from last week's New Communications Forum because my son recently tweaked my PowerBook's hinges so badly the repair is cost-prohibitive, and I'm waiting for one of these. But over at Between Lawyers I just posted my reaction to the prevalent atmosphere of legal trepidation I encountered; namely, I'm pretty sure blogs are a corporate risk management team's dream come true, rather than their worst nightmare. I'll try to dribble out the rest of my pertinent notes, and other people's pertinent quotes, over the next several days.

For now, I'll just:

—mention a couple of provocative suggestions from Dan Gillmor on the enormous and continually growing impact of citizen media:

Imagine if Dealey Plaza had happened today...

Imagine if the people on the planes on September 11 had been sending pictures...

—highlight some new additions to my reading and listening repertoire:

—and marvel at the fact that although I took two one-way flights to and from the Bay Area (used two different airlines), I didn't get tagged for secondary screening on either leg of the trip.

(Don't miss Adam Curry's wrap up of his Dutch court case involving interpretation and application of Creative Commons licenses for Flickr photos. And check out the International Technology Law Association and its blog. Looks like I'll be speaking on blogs and IP at their upcoming annual meeting.)

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