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Friday, November 04, 2005

Today's New Blawgs

You've gotta love a law firm that touts getting Slashdotted on its home page. And that is home to partners like Lee Gesmer, who writes a great blawg on IP and technology issues, In fact, I'm loving everything these guys are up to. Check out the Standards Blog, by Lee's partner Andy Updegrove, part of (a "comprehensive source of information on the Internet regarding standards, standard setting, and open source software, and on the role that these essential tools play in business and society"), and home of the aforementioned Slashdotted article, Microsoft Says "Maybe Someday" on OpenDocument. (Hey folks, you've just been "Bag-dotted," do I make the firm home page too?) As if that weren't enough, the firm also does Open Source Legal, a collection of resources and news around open source software and licensing.

All very cool, and all (at least to some extent) products of the evil genius of Nathan Burke. Nathan does Web development and marketing for Gesmer Updegrove (it's the wise law firm that recognizes the value of merging those two functions and having them competently staffed), and blogs about law firms that blog, among other things.

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