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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dolphin Bytes Email — More Re ComplianSeek

Byte and Switch has a story this morning on ComplianSeek with more about the genesis and particulars of the technology (Dolphins Aid Compliance): "DolphinSearch is the brainchild of a Berkeley PhD, Herbert L. Roitblat, who started the firm in 1999. Dr. Roitblat aimed to commercialize his patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 6,189,002), which is based in part on neural networking techniques derived from research on dolphins' echo-based communication." (Though I'm fairly certain you don't need to hire Bud or Sandy to interpret the results.) The article also touches on my firm's contributions: "ReedSmith helped DolphinSearch design ComplianSeek to look for the 'right stuff' in emails. This doesn't mean keywords, but instead certain patterns, word associations, lingo, or subtler forms of reference to investment activity."

[Later:] Here's Dr. Roitblat's University of Hawaii page, with a pic of him communing with a research subject, an old Forbes article about his work and research, and a Hawaii Business one. Fascinating way to build a search technology.

[Later still:] It's nice to see lawyers associated with a different kind of sea creature, for a change.

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