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Monday, January 31, 2005

Soccer Mom Metadata

I saw an entire stick family of decals today on a SoCal SUV (including mom, dad, son, daughter, 2 pet chihuahuas and a labrador; sorry, was manuevering through traffic, no photo), and sure enough, seems folks now are tagging their cars with their families:

This section of our car window stickers catalog is devoted to families and household pets. If you're happy about the home life you've created and want the whole world to know it, you can create your own custom collection of The Original Stick Family Robinson window stickers.

More; more; yet more.

[Update:] Commenter maryh writes "There's been an awful sculptural version of this showing up in the Sundance Catalog...," to wit: Family of Four; The Family Dog; The Family Cat. Derek points out this is ripe for adoption by the gay community; one can build one's stick family however one likes. Finally, for commenter Sunfell who asks "where are the computer stickers?," I can only suggest you might look to Italian charm bracelets as your lifestyle tag vehicle of choice.

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