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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


You've got to hand it to Michael A. Clark at EDDix—"Our mission is to make sense of EDD [electronic data discovery] so you can make the right decisions"—who is big into aggregation, and has cleverly discerned that if he aggregated and reviewed a bunch of blawgers, it certainly couldn't hurt the visibility of his business and his site. Bag and Baggage is tickled to be included in the EDDix 50, and downright flabbergasted to be christened a "must read." Watch the Technorati tally (EDDix home page; the 50) to see how this pans out; I'm predicting well. (I'd say watch the PageRanks too, but since none of us are using IE any more we'll have to wait for Google to grok that first.) And this even though I'm not entirely sure yet what kind of research services EDDix is selling. At this point what I do know is Michael will be pleased to elaborate. (Even if he still hasn't gotten rid of the confounded scrolling ticker thingy.)

I also know that after a few email exchanges about how this was going to work, I was happy to give the thumbs up for EDDix to use portions of the posts here even though it's for commercial purposes. My Creative Commons license says "you may not use this work for commercial purposes," but what that really means is please ask, it might well be ok. I largely share Joi Ito's views about commercial use, but still want the final say-so over who is going to use my work commercially and how they're going to do it.

At this point—three million and counting—I'd say it's officially marketing malpractice to ignore weblogs. Especially because there's probably a thriving bunch of bloggers in any area of interest you could think of.

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