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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Under The Influence

While I can't link you to the Daily Journal's sixth annual list of California's 100 most influential lawyers, I can at least congratulate several esteemed jurists,

and academics,

one favorite securities law instructor (who I understand has quite a little law practice on the side),

one prior co-counsel,

and one prior opposing counsel, in the same case,

for the well-deserved recognition they have received.

According to the DJ, this list is selected by vote of the California legal community. Oh, and Judge Kozinski knows poultry:

The judge, known for penning New Yorker magazine pieces and distinctive 9th Circuit opinions, raises six or seven chickens in his Palos Verdes Peninsula backyard. (Reportedly, he has enough land to keep the chickens happy and his neighbors on the hill from tarring and feathering him.) Kozinski's breeds include black giant, longhorn, Sebright Bantam, Sulton and two of a rarer breed called Dorkings.

I wonder if the good judge's expertise extends to turkeys? (No cracks, please, about the ones who from time to time address his Court.)

I also wonder if this is the first year the list includes a blawger (I think so), and if how much the ranks will grow by 2004? (My money's on Pam Samuelson.)

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