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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Take (Over) Our Marketing, Please!

Or more accurately, join the team. My firm's Los Angeles office is in the market for a Marketing Coordinator. If you're reading this and other blogs and blawgs (look right; give yourself a few days), you might just understand several things about lawyers, marketing, and the Web that would serve you (and us) well in this position. My unsolicited (and un-HR vetted; mind you don't check your judgment at the door) pre-interview reading list of course would include as many of these selections as you can manage. Given that the job description among other things calls on you to PowerPoint us in the right direction, it also would be a plus if Aaron Swartz's PowerPoint Remix leaves you smiling and nodding rather than irretrievably perplexed. (Wouldn't hurt if Aaron's "as seen on slashdot" tagline does the same.)

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