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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Courtyard Bazaar At The Ivory Tower

That was a subheading in an article about law blogging I wrote what seems like millenia ago now, and a recurrent theme in today's Weblogs and Law discussion at BloggerCon. Dan Gillmor: "The more you guys demystify what you do, the better." The session was excellent, covering all the key topics: copyright and fair use, first amendment protections, on the record and off the record treatment of oral and written material, how copyright principles may have to adapt to a world where everyone can simultaneously and instantaneously publish, privacy and right of publicity issues, and the role of blogs as communication/marketing tools (order intentional) on the commercial side of the law. The session ended with a discussion right in line with Boalt Hall Interim Dean Bob Berring's talk earlier this week about the future of legal research, and prior writings about technology and The New Blackstone.

Pics of Eugene and Doc are in the Carry-On (and include gratuitous shots of my Dock [via Jason Kottke]).

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