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Friday, September 12, 2003

Today's New Blawg

"I don't have kids or a life, but I do have tenure," writes UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge (more), in response to concerns about the 20 posts cranked out in his blog's first two days of existence. [Via the Volokh Conspiracy] If you're a lawyer or law student who has studied corporate law, odds are you're already familiar with Professor Bainbridge; it will be fantastic to come to know him more directly through his weblog. Professor Bainbridge blames his blog on Hugh Hewitt, who wants "less corp law, more politics;" I'll chime in with my own typical request for "more wine!" (And have you met Jeff Cooper?) It's great to see another law prof blog, welcome, and don't worry—you'll have a new dance partner before you know it.

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