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Monday, September 22, 2003

Slip O' The Tongue

Well, I suppose it's no surprise that the highlight for me of this afternoon's en banc oral argument in the recall case was Mark Rosenbaum's accidental reference to "this Circus" instead of "this Circuit"—it broke the whole courtroom up, but good. Thank goodness for him it happened just as he was wrapping up, and he was able to smile, fold up his notes, and get out, amid the still dying chuckles from the huge panel.

I spent the time, uh, productively, setting up Carry-On Baggage, The Bag and Baggage Moblog, in one browser tab, while monitoring C-SPAN in another. In honor of today's proceedings, Chief Judge Schroeder is the first/test moblog post. Pretty nifty service they've got there at TextAmerica.

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