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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Musically Noted

Jon Healey in today's Los Angeles Times business section ("Music Fans Starting to Tune In to Fee-Based Sites"):

The revolution isn't solely about free songs. It's also about having entree to a vast, reliable collection of recorded music that isn't controlled by radio programmers, record-store stockers or major-label executives.

Sean Parker's vision, as quoted in All the Rave by Joseph Menn:

Ultimately, Napster could have evolved into a bazaar, where subcultures discovered each other. You wouldn't find an isolated person, but a person who had an interest in different genres, with their own taste, who was part of a community, and that user was a destination in that community....It could lubricate the social discovery of music and accelerate it and usher in, I thought, a new golden age of music.

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