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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Los Angeles Times: The File Sharing Edition

Today's Los Angeles Times is packed with coverage of the RIAA's lawsuits and their implications:

  • (Front page) Song Sharers Face The Music: "One quirk in the process, though, is that the defendants named aren't necessarily the people using file-sharing networks. That's because the Recording Industry Assn. of America's investigation identified only the people whose Internet access accounts were being used to share files. They might be the parents, roommates or spouses of the alleged pirates."
  • (Business section) Piracy Gets Mixed Reviews in Industry: "[T]he bootlegging of songs online isn't universally reviled by the thousands of people who make their living in the $14-billion U.S. recording industry."
  • (Business section) Legal Effort May Slow but Not Stop Music Revolution, quoting Jim Griffin of Cherry Lane Digital: "Every time we exercise control, we lose. Every time we let go, the thing we fought becomes the thing that feeds us."

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