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Thursday, September 04, 2003

I Mean The Rodent Comparison In The Best Possible Way...

It has been too long since I've thrown a gratuitous link to residential realtor Hanan Levin of Yorba Linda, CA, and his/his company's Future of Real Estate blog. Why? He's/it's just plain wacky, that's why. Although a new look apparently is in the works, I will be among those mourning the passing of the fuschia background and various flashy things when they perish in the name of more elegant design (which seems all but inevitable). Hanan is a link-ferret (in fact, he might enjoy the Top Seven Ferret Questions), finds the most amazing, off-beat, wonderful stuff (BoingBoing bada-bing!)—all the while keeping readers abreast of his firm's current listings. He's the only Orange County realtor I know who's going to Burning Man next year. Do not miss his/their comprehensive California Recall Election collection, and Ecclectic Links about Orange County (eat your heart out, OC). I'm also inclined to empathize with those who compulsively collect their colleagues' blogs. Hanan, keep those emails coming, you're a delight.

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