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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Got My Sprite, I Got My Orange Crush*

I'm having a strange, disjointed afternoon dealing with work, construction at the house, and gestational diabetes testing.* Gotta get on the stick and book my travel to Digital ID World too. I can think of several reasons why someone might not be going to this conference, but let's face it—none of them are worth so much as a superannuated snack cake:

  1. "It's too expensive." Not necessarily, Norlin's got a fine selection of discount codes under that ubiquitous trenchcoat.
  2. "I don't need to worry about digital identity, other folks are looking after all this." Well, that's precisely the point, isn't it? Check out the conference schedule if you need more convincing. Technology and standards coalescing today soon will dictate everything about the way people shop, bank, surf the 'Net, vote, get around, find each other, use their property—y'know, silly little things. You're right, you probably don't need to pay attention at all.
  3. "I'm all conferenced out at the moment." See no. 2. See also Doc.
  4. "How do you expect me to decide between going to your panel on digital rights management issues [moderated by Cory Doctorow!] and Esther's on DNS, identity, and smart cards?" This is a problem, I know. If you have to scoot back and forth between the rooms, that'll be ok.

As an added bonus, Gary Turner quite probably could be convinced to blog our blogging of his blogging of the whole thing. Again. (Aw, here's more from the then-expectant Dad around the same time last year: "Right now I'm making quiet cooing noises.") Now quit yer whinin', and I'll see you there.

*Part of the test, and a frequently misheard take on the REM classic.

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