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Friday, September 19, 2003

A Couple Of Good Ideas

Blogging Appellate Oral Arguments

Thanks to Larry Solum for providing his insights on yesterday's argument of United States v. Oakland Buyer's Cooperatives, the medical-marijuana case, to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Appellate oral arguments are seldom transcribed or reported, yet they are a unique learning experience and window into the judicial decision making process. The panel hearing the case in Larry's post consisted of Chief Judge Schroeder, Judge Silverman, and Judge Reinhardt. (If you too are a fan of this sort of thing, I blogged the oral argument to the California Supreme Court in Pavlovich v. Superior Court awhile back.)

Users Helping Users

Steve Covell has started a promising independent Blogger Forum, for users of Blogger's weblogging tools. Of course, it also has its own blog covering ideas and issues related to blogging. Here's Steve's cogent response to concerns that weblogs might create too great an information risk to be useful business tools: "There is no more danger in leaking sensitive company information in a blog then there is leaking information at a cocktail party. And consider this: you can edit a blog. You can't edit what you said last night after four martinis."

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