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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Today's New Blawg

The Sound and Fury only is new to Bag and Baggage's blawgroll, not to the Web by any stretch. I've heard from time to time that Max Power was a lawyer, but just saw it confirmed recently in his straightforward advice for interviewing law students. Item "3a" in particular made me chuckle: "I'm sure you want to do appellate work. I want to do appellate work. . . . If you really wanted to do appellate work, you'd be doing something else besides interviewing with us."

Heh. I can say things are a little different at our firm, in light of the fact we have a separate and steadily growing appellate group. While a full-time appellate case load for a junior associate is unusual, it's not unheard of. The more common path for recent graduates with an interest and talent in that area is to start out in trial or do a mix of trial and appellate work. Direct experience in the trial courts can only help your skills as an appellate lawyer, and it becomes apparent before too long where your best fit might be. (Sorry, no offices in Hawaii. . .wait, does Newark count?)

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