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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Guesting In The Guestroom

It's beginning: the baby's starting to move stuff around and it's not scheduled to make an appearance for another few months. Fortunately, this is not happening in a Linda Blair kind of way, but what has been my home office soon will become the nursery, and before then its roof will get ripped off and a new room (the office-to-be) will be plunked on top. Today I finally got around to moving key office material to the guestroom in anticipation of the pitter-pat of little work boots. There's an adjacent Fibber McGee's closet, full of mostly old tech wreckage, that eventually will have to be cleared out before the arrival of You Know Who. It's mindboggling how the Diamond Rios, Audible Mobile Players, antiquated cell phones, USB cables (why do I have so many USB cables? have they been breeding??), ISDN modems, phone cords, keyboards, docking stations, spare batteries for laptops long gone, ETC., will pile up if you let them. I could/should start a spare parts shop. I don't seem to have busted our connectivity in the process of moving, which of course is Good. Also good will be the chance to build an office that accomodates both lawyers in the family, rather than relegating my husband always to the life of WiFi vagabond.

The weekend brought yet another telltale sign this pregnancy thing is getting real: yesterday, two 65 cm FitBALLS followed me home, one to lounge around on now, one to keep deflated and bring to The Hospital.

Having a FitBALL
Baby Got Back

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