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Sunday, August 31, 2003

By The Numbers

A couple of blawg growth stats for you:

Number of blawgs added here in August, 2003: 58.

Total number of blawgs on the B&B blawgroll (bear in mind concerted searching revealed about 10 as of March, '02): 534, including,

  • Judicial: 1 (honorary blogger, soon may be the real thing)
  • Academic: 39
  • Court/Court Staff: 3 (would be 4; removal request honored)
  • Political: 11
  • Practicing: 186
  • Clerking: 9
  • Learning The Craft: 129 (category needs attention in light of completion of '03 academic year, commencement of '04)
  • Giving It A Rest: 5
  • Blawgers At Large: 65 (needs same type of attention as Learning The Craft)
  • Integrating: 19
  • Managing The Chaos: 21
  • Conglomerates: 29
  • Truckstops: 17

As always, if you would like your listing to be other than that presently reflected, please let me know!

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