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Friday, July 04, 2003


Very, very cool—Jerry "OYEZ" Goldman's interview with Laura Lynch of Creative Commons:

This month the OYEZ mission takes a new step forward with the release of hundreds of hours of MP3 versions of their archived audio under a Creative Commons license.

Imagine having all your favorite hits by The Supremes tucked away in your tote for a leisurely beach listen. Ok, so it's not for everyone...but it's still sicknasty. Here's more information, and the initial MP3s available for download. Here also is Glenn Otis Brown's June 25 post about Creative Commons' new strategy for helping people associate license information with MP3s.

Jerry Goldman Rocks
OYEZ presents: the Portable Court

[Update] Joe Germuska has more, including links to OYEZ RSS feeds, its iCalendar for the Supreme Court (!!), and this: "I used to work with Jerry at Northwestern University, and he always liked to be on the 'bleeding edge.' So far he's the only person who turns up in my iChat AV buddy list with an AV-enabled icon." (See also the OYEZ Features page.)

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