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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

From The "It Had To Happen" Department

Or did it?

"This week on Fresh Gear, we'll examine the Brava, a high tech, non-surgical breast enhancement system promising increased bust size in a matter of weeks." (Another non-surgical breast enhancement system? Pregnancy. But it has, um, side effects.)

The earliest edge: "BabyPlus children have an intellectual, developmental, creative, and emotional advantage from the time they are born." (By the way, better brush up on your survival skills if you're the jokester who subscribed me to Fit Pregnancy. I don't so much mind the magazine, but you never stopped to think about the direct mail lists you'd be subjecting me to as a subscriber, now did you?)

I'm working tonight and tomorrow on finishing the legal panel's responses to Phil Wolff's good questions from the Weblog Business Strategies Conference, the first of which—"Does the blogspace axiom 'You Own Your Words' make any legal sense?"— will include my take on how Batzel shades this. Thanks for bearing with.

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