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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

A Suit-able P.S. (LazyBlawg)

Apropos of Groove Networks (mentioned on our Law Of The Blogs panel) and its illustrious leader, there's this from the anonymous A-List parody-sketches Scoble blogged last night:

Social software. Social software. Incredibly powerful collaborative project management software. Social software. Groove me baby. Incredibly powerful collaborative project management, project management, chaotic collaborative project management. Thoughts about Blogging in companies. Blogging Guidelines. Blogging as collaborative project management. Ubiquitous computing, Networking, Web and RAD technologies. COM and C++, .NET and Scripting. Social software, yeah man. Force chaos into the system. Groove on. Collaborative Project Management. Lotus. Far out. Eastern Psychobabble Mysticisms. Ubiquitous computing. My thoughts on remaking the whole internet in my image. Thoughts about Blogging in companies. Blogging Guidelines. Grooooovvvvve. Repeat 100x.

Also, I just sent this email to my co-panelists:

Hi folks,
It was a pleasure meeting you and paneling with you today. Phil Wolff in the audience had some good questions for us that only got asked on his blog.
I have some thoughts on these points and assume you do too. If you'd care to chime in, I'd be pleased to post a panel P.S.

[Update] For that matter, it occurs to me from time to time a lawyer happens on this this blawg. Please feel free to comment on Phil's questions here or by email, and I'll include you (or just your insights, if you'd prefer) in the follow up as a Virtual Panelist.

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