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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Prop 209 Applies In California, Despite Yesterday's Affirmative Action Decisions

From the Berkeley Daily Planet:

While the court ruled Monday that colleges may consider race in admissions, it did not require the practice. So in California, public institutions like the University of California and California State University will remain subject to the voter-approved Proposition 209, which bans affirmative action in public admissions and hiring.
Private institutions like Stanford University, which are not subject to Proposition 209, will be allowed to continue with admissions policies that weigh race as one of many factors.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Asserting that California's 1996 initiative banning affirmative action as it applies to university admissions is now unconstitutional, some Hispanic lawmakers in the state Assembly said Tuesday that they are discussing whether to create a ballot measure that would reintroduce the practice of taking race into account in college admissions.

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