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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Ready, Set...

TiVo. Tomorrow's The Screen Savers features Professor Lessig, Buffy, an iTunes tour and the Blog Report. (Cognitive dissonance my hiney.)

Cool link, same source, America 24/7: "an all-digital event that will capture extraordinary pictures of an ordinary American week." I want to see some of Shelley's masterpieces in there.

As long as we're talking telly, I must note that our TiVo—you know how they do that creepy mind-of-their-own thing, right? 'cause we certainly never would program it to seek out such intellectually desiccated fare—seems unable to get enough, by turns, of Trinny and Susannah, and Cousin Stevie. (Hmm, supposing Trinny and Susannah were to give wardrobe advice to Cousin Stevie?)

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