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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Flurrious Blawging

This batch comes to us from the Blawg Ring:

  • Soon to be second year law student Bekah of Mixtape Marathon just finished exams and seems to have some interesting transcendental traits such as channeling the consciences of law professors and shifting Chinese animal signs at will.
  • Meg of babybluebubbles is pursuing her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Hong Kong and has the photos (and surgical mask) to prove it.
  • Justin's background is in politics, policy and economics, and he'll return to law school this fall after having taken a break for, y'know, life.
  • Luke's a law student at Deakin University. (From the "learn something new every day" department: .tk is the domain for Tokelau.)
  • Rich Zmijewski is cramming for the LSAT on June 9, but that didn't keep him from catching Matrix Reloaded last night.
  • Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation is an Objectivist but not a Randian. (Just so we're clear.)
  • Daniel Goldberg is a law clerk for a judge in Austin, Texas, and enjoys light reading and writing on the subjects of "health policy, medical ethics, philosophy of science, hermeneutics, Kafka, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein." (He's more proof too of the strange but strong correlation between fans of hermeneutics and fans of Buffy.)
  • Bart at The Limits of its Logic analyzes legal decisions, commentary, and issues. (And since he arranged that list using a serial comma, I have followed suit.)
  • The Ambulance Chaser recently finished 1L exams.
  • Aaron at Spicy Sashimi also is a law student somewhere in the wide world.

And yet more to come...

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